I have sent two Ogawa Cordovan tabs to Andreas to test them. Andreas is a kind archery friend who likes Vlbb tabs and uses them. Ogawa is a Japanese Cordovan leather which I got for the first time. You can read Andreas’s summary of the new tab below.

Ogawa is in the left side

The three tabs I will compare to have something to tell. The two on the right are horween cordovan. The one on the far right is in use since 2/2021 and has some 5000-6000 shots at 48lbs. At first glance the Japanese cordovan seems to be thinner. I wonder if it will break in a little faster (I usually need around 200 shots to break a tab in).

first 6 arrows at 18m

The trimmed Ogawa tab after 36 shots at 49 lbs

I see a tendency to hit higher and a bit to the right, indicating more speed, creating a weaker arrow. The tab is thinner but the stiffer leather compensates by an even distribution of the bow’s weight. Virtually no time needed to break in the tab. It bends where it should after only 20-30 shots.

Still not more wear after 108 shots. The tab breaks in fast and stays this way.
After 144 arrows
After 144 arrows

After 144 arrows. Still a little bit high and to the right. Great feel, no abrasion. It may be the wrinkles I mentioned develop into cracks but this will still be some 1000s of shots in the future I suppose. I can hear the tab as it creaks when I draw the bow. I do not remember the horween-tabs did this.

Resume: The New leather is thinner but stiffer as you told me and I like it. It seems to produce a faster release but then this may be common as the leather is new and smooth, even glossy after this number of shots. The leather shows less abrasion but some very little wrinkles – I will see where they go. Thank you for the opportunity to test the tab! Great work as always! I will write you with some longer term observations.

This is the area I see wrinkles developing

after a bit more than 1000 shots

after a bit more than 1000 shots
Andreas Tautenhahn

Hello Laszlo, this is a picture after a bit more than 1000 shots. As you can see the tab looks exceptionally well. No string-creep-marks, the wrinkles did not develop anywhere. This is a thin and very good cordovan-leather in my opinion. It breaks in fast and stays this way. It seems to be harder/faster/slicker than your thicker cordovans. Thank you for the opportunity to test this! Best wishes Andreas