About Cordovan

Cordovan is not a protected name as it got its name after Cordoba, Spain and it is an old name. We usually refer to Cordovan as to show that we talk about the shells, a small part with the special structure that comes out of the back part of a horsehide. Horween Cordovan is pure vegetable tanned and produced – like early last century – in the pit.
Some companies use the word cordovan for the whole horsehide, which is not correct. The other parts of the horse hide are very different in structure from the shell and simply cannot be compared. For Archery you need shell Cordovan.

My Products

Three-under tab

 I recommend it for string-walking shooters and traditional archers. The layers from the bottom to the top are suede followed by calfskin or cordovan.  The tabs are custom-made according to the strength of your bow. 

Split finger tab

I recommend them for traditional archers. The layers from the bottom to the top are suede followed by calfskin or cordovan. There is a stiffener on top of all these layers. The tabs are custom-made according to the strength of your bow.

LEATher kit

Leather Archery Kit – full of leather, full of VLBB!

Choose the items you need and have uniform, quality equipment!

I recommend it to anyone who wants quality leather gear and even wants to be stylish. And of course, it’s a perfect gift idea too!

Are you looking for something else?

No problem – really! Check out my other products, such as fingerslings, armguards, binocular hooks.

Or write your ideas to me – I’m almost sure we’ll find a solution!

testimonials from happy customers

Excellent tabs with great customer service. I love my split finger cordovan.
Lewis Matthews
Bought a pair of 3-under tabs and fingerslings from Laszlo and couldn't be happier. Perfectly manufactured to my wishes, extremly durable and high value for the money. Nice and friendly communication via Facebook too. Definately a recommendation for everyone who is looking for the prefect accessories
Andreas Philipp
Once you have your VLBB tab, you won't need anything else!
Zoltán Jószai
Ordered last week, received today in Belgium. Very nice look and great quality. Perfect !!!
Dimitri Bud
Just received a beautiful pocket quiver , bow hook and a couple of Tabs, they all look fantastic and beautifully crafted , cant wait to give them a try out over the next few weeks
Bruce Kelleher
i've been using the tab i ordered for about half a year now, and i gotta say it's amazing! It's still going strong, and i've won a whole bunch of competitions and even a couple championships using it. The tab fits perfectly in my hand, and it's thick enough so that my fingers wont hurt even after firing hundreds of arrows, and yet it's now flexible enough that i can get a good feel of the string. The leather was kinda hard to begin with, but after using it for a while it formed to fit my hand. You did a great job, and if this tab ever breaks, i'll probably be back for a new one.
Dear Sir I am representing Great Britain in the upcoming World 3D Championships in Canada shooting longbow (AFB). I had been having a few issues with my release, Pete Mann lent me one of your large 3 under tabs and I can honestly say it is the best tab I have ever used, much better than the Yost I have been using. Thank you for such a great product, I will be recommending your tabs to everyone and hopefully placing an order on my return. I am not sure of the face material, I assume it's cordovan but it was green in colour.
Ian Taylor
here is my feedback about the tab: It’s simply great! I love the colour combination and the smooth feel of it, so it’s a real pleasure to shoot with it. I’m quite sure that, not too far in the future, I’ll order another one or two tabs.
Fritz Secker