Here is a successful VLBB tab hack.

This letter has been sent to me by my dear customer from Germany who finally found the solution to his challenge. I especially love the term “don’t lose me band”
“Hi László
i wanted to give you some feedback to the Tab.
Overall the tab is really nice (very good workmanship, very good string feeling), but i had problems with the finger spacer.
I replaced the spacer with a Soma Sake spacer that fits me much better, and i used the second hole for a „don’t loose me band) 😉
I send you some pictures ..
The band is just a „rubber“ band, i´m thinking on something more „stylish“
best wishes

2016-05-13 15.26.41 2016-05-13 15.27.13 2016-06-01 18.07.13 2016-06-01 18.08.04


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